Made to order Products

  We offer three models of the AR-15 platform rifle.

1.       The SA15, the standard economical model. 

2.       The SA15P, the premium model. 

3.       The SA15C, the custom model.  


The SA15 is our standard model with standard features. Ithas a standard gas system with the most common hardware. This is a reliable systemdesigned to save cost without reducing performance.
MSRP: $799.99  (Contact for dealer pricing)


  The SA15P is the PRO version of the SA15 with premium features. It has a gas piston system for clean reliable firing, a match grade barrel and upgraded hardware. This model is designed to be reliable in everyday use situations.  
MSRP: ​$1,749.95  (Contact for dealer pricing)


Click here to download a PDF copy of our Operation andSafety Manual.